Abraham’s Journey

The testaments of the various patriarchs of the Old Testament have been known for many centuries. Because of their frequent references to the Messiah and to the Last Days, they have been considered Christian-era forgeries. However, many of these testaments were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls hidden near Qumran. They were written before the time of Jesus.

The Lord promised Abraham all the land from “the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates.” (Genesis 15:18) Abraham was commanded in Genesis 13:17 to walk his land, just as today a purchaser of land would walk the property lines.

The Testament of Abraham, Column 21, describes this journey. Abraham began at the Gihon River, which is what the Israelites called the Nile River. He walked north along the (Mediterranean) Sea to the Taurus Mountains, in southern Turkey. From there Abraham went east until he came to the Euphrates River, followed the river until he came to the Erythrean Sea (today’s Arabian Sea) and followed the coast west to the Red Sea. From there, he went “through the south” until he came again to the Gihon River. Then Abraham returned home to Hebron. This is a journey of at least 5,000 miles!

Here is a map of the land promised to Abraham, and his journey per the Testament of Abraham.

The Children of Israel were aware of this promise to Abraham and of the promise made in Deuteronomy 11:24, that where the soles of their feet walked, the Lord would give them the land. Numerous rocks with sandals and footprints inscribed on them have been found in the Arabian Desert. This was the Children of Israel saying, “We were here.”

This promise was part of the Blood Covenant made between the Lord and Abraham. The Most High God does not go back on His promises, for which I am, and will be, eternally thankful. His name deserves all honor and praise!

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