The Lord’s Golden Lampstand - Part One

The thrust of my lesson series is to show the Bible as the divine creation of our Lord. One way of demonstrating this is to show certain patterns. I have mentioned Menorah Designs without explanation. For that, I apologize. The following lessons will hopefully explain some of the many patterns, and confirm the miraculous nature of the Holy Word we have received.

In Exodus 25:31 the Lord gives Moses specific instructions for the design of a special Golden Lampstand for the Tabernacle, and later for the Temple. This lampstand, or in Hebrew “Menorah”, had one central lamp with six branches for a total of seven lamps. The central lamp was the first to be lighted and was known as the Servant Lamp.

We know the significance of the number seven in scripture, the number of completion. The number seven is used throughout scripture. Likewise, there are patterns throughout scripture based upon the Golden Lampstand or the Menorah. In these Menorah designs, the Servant Lamp or the fourth lamp usually refers to light, fire or the Throne of God.

The Creation of Genesis shows a Menorah design. There are seven days of creation. Notice that on the first day the Lord said “let there be light”, but this light was the light of the Lord’s presence. The lights that we observe on a daily basis, the sun and moon, were created on the fourth day in the Servant Lamp position!

The instructions given to Moses in Exodus 25 include certain decorations on each branch of the Golden Lampstand. There are three sets of three designs on each branch for a total of nine. On the main staff are four sets of three designs for a total of twelve. The three designs are, in the New International Version, cups, buds and blossoms. This, therefore, is the layout of the designs on the Lord’s Golden Lampstand:

9 9 9 12 9 9 9
In Psalms 119:105 David describes God’s Word as “a lamp to my feet and a light for my path”. If you add the number of decorations on the Golden Lampstand the total is sixty-six. There are sixty-six “decorations”, or books, in God’s Word! What a coincidence! Further, if you add the first four numbers, 9-9-9-12, the total is thirty-nine, the number of books in the Old Testament. Another coincidence! Naturally, the remaining numbers total twenty-seven, the number of books in the New Testament. Totally coincidental. You will notice that the central supporting staff of the lampstand, the one with twelve designs, is included in the number representing the Old Testament. The Old Testament is the support for the entire Bible. The Old Testament laid the foundation for God’s Plan that we have been so fortunate to receive today.

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