Monkeys or Lizards?

Modern man, in his never-ending quest to denigrate and disprove the Word of God, has come up with yet another deception. As a variation of the “man evolved from monkeys” theme, they have determined, without a doubt, that man evolved from lizards! As proof of this illusory thesis, they point to the Ubaid culture of Mesopotamia.

There seems to be little doubt that there were an Ubaid people. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has a display of Ubaid pottery. It is an accepted fact that there was an Ubaid culture in the area of the city of Ur, from whence Abram departed 4,000 years ago.

But the real delight of Biblical revisionists is the humanoid figurines excavated by archaeologists in the layers of Ubaid occupation. They have found many different figures, in many different positions, depicting everyday life in Ubaid. These are not gods, but ordinary people. Well, not ordinary people, because the figurines depict lizard people. This is the proof from the revisionists that man once was a lizard, and who then evolved to our current configuration.

There is a problem, however, in that these figures have pointed reptilian heads, reptilian eyes and reptilian scales, but have definite mammalian features. The females have breasts and one figure shows a woman nursing a child.

These beings are not steps in the evolutionary scale of Mankind, rather they are probably hybrids! Many Bible scholars interpret the “mighty men which were of old, men of renown” of Genesis 6:4 as the so-called “gods” of ancient mythology. These were beings like the centaur (human/horse), the faun (human torso/goat legs) or the Egyptian god Horus (falcon head on human body). If you care to research this, there are hundreds of such hybridized creatures.

The Sons of God (Hebrew - ben ‘elohiym) produced children with human women. This is Scripture. These children were hybrids. It is entirely possible that the “men of renown” were the hybrid creatures that we see depicted as mythological “gods.” And it is possible that the reptilian/human Ubaid people were the result of that same unholy generation of hybrid beings.

It appears that modern man, rather than proving that man came from lizards, instead proved the factual truth of the Word of God. Whatever the Ubaid figurines depict, the Holy Bible will always be shown to be correct. Praise the Lord for His Holy Word! Praise Him always!

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