Lunar/Solar Eclipses

I have never liked the term “Blood Moon.” It somehow sounds like a pagan, or superstitious, description. Currently, we are in the midst of a series of lunar and solar eclipses that are neither pagan, nor superstitious, but are supernatural. The Most High God, the King of the Universe, has orchestrated this interesting series of celestial events. As you probably know there are a series of four lunar/solar eclipses falling on Jewish Holy Days. This is extremely rare and is known as a Tetrad.

Brother Luis Vega, a professional illustrator, has prepared a chart showing these current lunar and solar eclipses. I am sure you have seen such charts before, but this one is different and more complete. What others have missed is the fact that there were three lunar/solar eclipse combinations, or a Triad, before the current Tetrad of eclipses. This Triad is composed of three solar eclipses occurring within fifteen days of three total lunar eclipses. They do not fall on Holy Days. Brother Vega further notes that there is a Triad of three solar eclipses occurring within fifteen days of three total lunar eclipses that follows the current Tetrad. The pattern given us by the Lord is a symmetric design, almost resembling the Lord’s Golden Lampstand, the Menorah.

We are currently right in the middle of the very rare Tetrad. There were two lunar/solar eclipses which fell on Jewish Holy Days in 2014, and there will be two more in 2015. This is an historic event, and we are witnessing it. The entire design illustrated by Brother Vega covers the period from 2011 through 2018, a very interesting prophetic period.

To see the chart, please click HERE.

According the rabbis, lunar eclipses are significant to Israel; solar eclipses are significant to the world. Brother Vega included on his chart a series of three solar eclipses falling on Av 1 in 2008, 2009 and 2010. These eclipses are thought to portend something bad for the world. Av 1 on the Hebrew calendar falls in the midst of the “Dark Days” from Tammuz 17 to Av 9.

Jewish tradition says that when Moses came down from the mountain and found the Children of Israel worshipping the Golden Calf, it was Tammuz 17. The two tablets written by the Lord were destroyed that day. The walls of Jerusalem were breached by the Babylonian, and later, the Roman army on Tammuz 17. Tradition further states that the Temple was destroyed three weeks later on Av 9. Now you see why this period is called the Dark Days by the Jews. These three sequential eclipses in the middle of this period do not portend good for the world.

Not included in the chart are three sequential lunar eclipses that occurred on the Jewish Feast of Purim in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Purim commemorates the failed attempt, found in the Book of Esther, to annihilate the Jewish people.

So, in addition to the unique Tetrad we are now experiencing, from 2006 through 2010 there was a series of eclipses that reminded us of the attempt to annihilate the Jews and that indicated darkness, or possibly evil, against the world, followed by the symmetric design of Triad, Tetrad, Triad. Is the Lord trying to show us something? I am convinced that He is showing us. I do not believe in coincidences of this magnitude.

“Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus.” – Revelation 22:20

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