Ancient Worship Site Dated

In December 2015 I wrote about what I consider to be a most remarkable discovery. That discovery was an archaeological site in the City of David. The City of David is Zion, and the Lord stated that He would place His name in Zion. (Psalms 9:11, 132:13) Contained within this discovery are the Paleo-Hebrew letters beit and jot, which say “House of God.”

The letters are engraved two inches into the bedrock of the City of David and are several feet in width. I believe God placed His name at this place, and it is engraved in stone! For more information, please click HERE.

Dr. Eli Shukron is the archaeologist who found this wonderful site. He believes it is possible that it dates back to the time of Abraham and Melchizedek. Also located at this ancient worship site is a stone pillar, or matzebah, embedded in a base of twelve stones, suggesting the twelve tribes, or families, of Israel. In addition, there is an oil press to make olive oil to anoint the pillar. This ancient worship site contains the name of God, a matzebah (showing us Jesus, the Rock of our salvation) and a press to make anointing oil (a type or picture of the Holy Spirit). Further, Messiah or Christ, means “anointed one.”

A study of the Hebrew word matzebah (Strong’s H4676) confirms, I believe, the age of this recent discovery. The word matzebah is first found in the account of Jacob’s dream of angels ascending and descending a ladder or staircase. (Genesis 28:10-22) The word matzebah continues in use in the Old Testament, but after the time of Moses it is only used in describing pagan images. In Ezekiel 26:11 this word is translated as “garrison,” possibly because of related words (Strong’s H4674, H4675) which mean guard or fortification. The Lord instructed the Children of Israel to break down the pagan, graven images (matzebahs) in Exodus 23:24, while they were still at Mount Sinai.

My point is that by the time the Children of Israel returned to the Promised Land, pillars or matzebahs were not used by the Hebrew people. This holy, ancient worship site containing representations of God, Jesus the Rock of our Salvation, and the Holy Spirit was there before Israel claimed the Promised Land!

This site is very old and very precious. If you read the article Where the Lord Chose to Place His Name, found at the link noted above, you will see my logic in stating that this discovery site was the location of the Temple of Solomon and Zerubbabel and Herod. Because of fill and a retaining wall used to create a larger platform, or plaza, the Temple was about two-hundred feet above this site. If I am correct, this is where the Lord will cause the Millennial Temple to be built. How I look forward to the day!

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