Torah Designs in Matthew

Brother J. R. Church discovered a pattern in the Bible that had been overlooked by “scholars” for centuries. He noted that the themes of the first five books of the Bible, known as the Torah or the Pentateuch, appear in chapters of the Bible and in other groupings. Here are the themes:

  1. Genesis – the beginning, the sin of man
  2. Exodus – deliverance, redemption
  3. Leviticus – sanctification or setting apart
  4. Numbers – the wilderness, focus on sin
  5. Deuteronomy – summary and the establishment of the kingdom
The pattern repeats itself through many of the books you are studying. Chapters one, six, eleven, etc. follow the Genesis theme. Chapters two, seven, twelve, etc. follow the Exodus theme; three, eight, thirteen, etc. follow the Leviticus theme; four, nine, fourteen, etc. – Numbers; and five, ten, fifteen, etc. – Deuteronomy.

Torah designs are not found in every book of the Bible. Torah designs are not limited to the Old Testament. They are also found throughout the New Testament. The Gospel of Matthew is a good place to start. Some of the chapter themes may be obscure – others just leap out at you.

Here are some from the Gospel of Matthew:

Considering the fact that the Bible was written by about forty different men over a period of fifteen-hundred years, or more, it is amazing to find the Torah pattern throughout the Bible. This is yet another confirmation of the supernatural nature of the Word of God. These patterns, and others, are His Signature, the Mark of God that He placed in His Word. May His Name be praised now and forever.

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