You are probably familiar with the pregnancy of Sarah and the birth of Isaac when she was ninety years old (Genesis 17:17 and 21:1). I believe that would qualify as a miraculous birth. There are six more such births listed in the Bible.

Isaac's wife, Rebekah, was barren (Genesis 25:21) but the Lord blessed her and she had Jacob and Esau. Jacob's beloved wife, Rachel, was childless. The Lord heard her prayers and she became pregnant and delivered Joseph (Genesis 30:22).

The next miraculous birth in the Bible does not appear until many years later, in the time of the Judges of Israel. We are not given the name of the mother, but are informed that she was sterile (Judges 13:2). The child she gave birth to was Samson, the mighty Nazirite. (A Nazirite lived under special conditions; no haircuts, no fermented drink, etc., as compared to a Nazarite, a person who lived in Nazareth).

The Lord had closed the womb of Hannah for many years. However, the Lord heard her prayers and she gave birth to Samuel, the first prophet of Israel (I Samuel 1:1).

A thousand years later Elizabeth, who was "well along in years" became pregnant with John, known as the baptist (Luke 1:18-23). Six months later Mary was visited by an angel who informed her that she would have a child, Jesus, even though she was a virgin (Luke 1:26-35).

If you have been keeping track, you will have noticed that there are seven miraculous births listed in the Bible. They are:
1) Isaac
2) Jacob
3) Joseph
4) Samson
5) Samuel
6) John
7) Jesus

These seven miraculous births form a Menorah design. In the fourth position, or the servant lamp position, is Samson. The servant lamp usually refers to the Lord or His Throne, or to light or fire. According to Peloubet, the name Samson is derived from the Hebrew word for "sun" and means "sunny" or "sun-hero". Samson fits the servant lamp position perfectly.

Also, the name of Hannah, the fifth woman to give a miraculous birth, means "grace". Frequently, in the Bible the number five is associated with grace.

I am especially thankful for the seventh wonderful birth, the birth of Jesus. Praise the Name of the Lord for sending His Son for me and you.

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