Micah’s Menorah

The Lord’s Golden Lampstand is the unique seven-branched lampstand or candlestand that is still used ceremonially by the Jews today. The version used today has nine branches, rather than seven. It is called a Menorah. The original seven-branch design was given by the Lord to Moses in Exodus 25:31-40. Please click HERE for more information on Menorah designs.

The center lamp of the Menorah is known as the Servant Lamp. This center lamp is used to light the remaining lamps. In a Menorah design, the Servant Lamp refers to the Lord, His Throne, light (God is light), or fire (fire provides light).

The nine-branched Menorah is a New Testament symbol and is introduced in Zechariah 4:1-5 and 11-14. The prophet sees a seven-branched lampstand with two olive trees beside it. The two are described as those who are anointed to serve the Lord of all the Earth. We find these same two branches (people) in the Revelation 11:4, where the Two Witnesses are called the Two Olive Trees. The twenty-seven books of the New Testament are divided into three nine-branched Menorahs.

In Micah the Mountain of the Lord, Zion, is mentioned nine times from Micah 3:12 to Micah 4:13. Besides finding yet another Menorah design in the Word, this one is fascinating because it is symmetrically opposite.

It is entirely possible that all Menorah designs are symmetric, but perhaps they are not as obvious as this one. For the Creator of the Universe, placing these patterns and designs in the Bible is child’s play. May His name be praised now and forever!

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