A few weeks ago I wrote about a conversation between Gary Dawson and a tribal shaman in Venezuela. The shaman had been shown Heaven from afar by evil spirits and described it to Gary. If you missed it, please read “A Remarkable Conversation”

The point I wish to make is that people living in primitive conditions frequently are in touch with the spiritual world. Unfortunately they are in touch with evil spirits. Satan and his spirits do not have perfect knowledge, but they do know things that are not available to us in the physical world. The shaman in Venezuela was given information that he could not have otherwise known.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the coming year, 2012. There have been programs on the History Channel and other cable networks regarding 2012. Apparently, the Mayan calendar foretells the end of the world in that year. Hal Lindsey tells of unbelieving friends who were shaken by the History Channel program. He told them that if that program scared them, they should read what the Bible has to say about the End Times.

Several years ago, the Associated Press interviewed the chief of the Miccosukee Indians in Florida. (1) The man, William Buffalo Tiger, was unhappy about the direction tribal life was taking. But, he told the interviewer, it did not matter because the end of the earth is near. Chief Tiger said, “This will all be like a desert someday. It isn't long until the Breathmaker returns. He is going to destroy the earth. Hurricanes will get worse. It will even snow here (in South Florida). There will be earthquakes here.” (author's emphasis)

Chief Tiger said these signs had been handed down by tribal elders for many generations, and are now appearing. He decried our current society where men married men, and women married women, and drug use is rampant. This is from an old man who grew up in a chickee (a thatch-roofed hut).

What I find remarkable is Chief Tiger's description of the Creator God as the “Breathmaker.” It is obvious that hundreds, or thousands, of years ago these Indians were given knowledge that they otherwise would not have known. Satan knows that the End is near, and that his time is short. (2)

Chief Tiger's description of the “end of the earth” is truly apocalyptic. Of course, God is the giver of the breath of life. (3) And He is coming again. And He will destroy the earth, and then replace it with a new Earth. (4)

I look forward to the Coming of the Lord Jesus, and the time when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. But, until then we must work to tell people like Chief Tiger about the how the “Breathmaker” sent His Son to pay for our sins. Praise His name!


1 - “Bright lights, big city, lure away tiny tribe's young people,” Tom Wells, The Associated Press, Tallahassee Democrat, December 1, 1996.
2 – The Revelation 12:12
3 – Genesis 2:7
4 – The Revelation 21:1

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