Seasons of Miracles

I believe, as do most Christians, in the miracles of the Bible. They are true; they are not fairytales or myths. I have difficulty understanding those who claim to be Christians, and yet discount or disbelieve any part of the Bible. For those of us who believe in Biblical miracles, we tend to assume that they continuously appeared throughout Biblical times. At times, miracles may have been performed, but they were not recorded in Scripture.

There are four specific periods of miraculous activity; three in the past and one yet future.

  1. Moses performed miracles, upon direction by and with the power of the Lord, before Pharaoh and his court as he attempted to obtain the freedom of the Children of Israel. He also performed miracles during the forty-year sojourn in the Wilderness. These miracles were in connection with the redemption of Israel from Egyptian slavery.
  2. Although the Lordís prophets were active, they did not normally perform miracles until the time of Elijah and Elisha. Elijah withheld rain, raised the dead and called fire down from Heaven. When he was called to Heaven (in chariots of fire) Elisha assumed his mantle, both figuratively and literally. Elisha also performed many miracles including the healing of Naaman from leprosy. Elijah and Elisha executed miracles during a time of spiritual rebellion by both Israel and Judah. Theirs was a ministry of judgment. They both spoke against the evil in their time and against the evil leaders, primarily Ahab and Jezebel
  3. After Elijah and Elisha there continued to be prophets, but any miracle they may have done are not recorded. The next period of miracles came during the time of Jesus. We are familiar with His many miracles and those of the Apostles and others during the First Century. While the Lord is all powerful and can heal whomever He wishes by His own touch or the laying on of hands by His appointed, the time of recorded miracles ended during the First Century. The time Jesus was here was, again, a time of redemption of mankind from slavery to sin.
  4. The next occasion of miraculous activity will be during the Tribulation. The Two Witnesses, thought to be Moses and Elijah, will again perform miracles. This will also be during a time of spiritual rebellion and the ministry of the Two Witnesses will be of judgment against the wickedness in that coming evil time.
There are so many patterns in the Bible, and they show the planned coherence of that wonderful Book. It is not a hodge-podge of collected stories. There is a pattern in the Times of Miracles. The first and third occurrences relate to Redemption; the second and fourth relate to Rebellion. Moses, the instrument of the first miracles, is a foreshadow of Jesus, who performed so many of the third period of miracles. (Entire books have been written showing how Moses was a type, or foreshadow, of Jesus.) Elijah did many of the second period of miracles, and he is thought to be one the Two Witnesses who will be the instruments performing the fourth period of miracles. The other of the Two Witnesses is thought to be Moses, tying the package up very neatly.

The Lord continues to perform miracles daily. He just doesnít normally use a human instrument. Should He disclose these things to us in Glory, I suspect we will be amazed when we see the miraculous things the Lord did regularly in our lives. May His name be praised Forever!!

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