The Nearness of His Coming

While discussing the Day of the Lord, the Apostle Paul reminds us that we are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake us as a thief. (First Thessalonians 5:4) We may not know the day or hour, but we will sense the Day as it approaches, and not be surprised. I believe that the Day of the Lord is near. There is comfort in numbers, and many Christians feel the same way.

There are several reasons for my belief. Perhaps the primary reason is the re-establishment of Israel as a state. It was 1,813 years after the deportation of all Jews from Israel in 135 A.D. that this remarkable event took place. It was unprecedented in history. And with the Lord, nothing occurs by chance or coincidence. This means something.

One of my favorite clues is the prophecy of the Two Witnesses. When they will be killed by the Beast, their unburied bodies will be gazed upon by all peoples, languages, tribes and nations. (Revelation 11:7-10) That would have not been possible before the invention of satellite television in the 1970s. The time is near.

The great mystery of the Mark of the Beast has not been solved, but we know that it is now possible for every person to have a visible or invisible mark that could be scanned. This mark, through its computer connections, could enable or block anyone from buying and selling. (Revelation 13:17) The time is near.

The Lord Jesus said it would be the same as in the days of Lot. (Luke 17:26) You will recall that the men of Sodom openly flaunted their preference for the two “men” who came to warn Lot, over the daughters of Lot. (Genesis 19:4-11) Today, we live in Sodom and Gomorrah (think Chick-fil-A) where homosexuality is openly flaunted. The time is near.

While not actively reported in our “news” media, there is an arms race going on, but not of conventional weapons. The race is to create a “super-soldier.” Scientists from the United States and most Western nations are striving to be the first to transform man to be stronger, have more endurance, have keener vision and hearing, all by modifying the genetics of man with the genes of other creatures. First of all, the Lord quite specifically prohibits this. (Leviticus 19:19)

Secondly, we know that the last time the genes of man were modified, it did not end well. Many believe that in Genesis 6:2-4 the ben elohiym (Hebrew – sons of God – Strong’s H1121 and H430) were angels who mated with the daughters of men and their offspring were giants (Hebrew – Nephilim – Strong’s H5303). Literal interpretation of the Word supports this view. This indicates some kind of genetic modification. Perhaps this is what the Lord Jesus was referring to when He said “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man.” (Matthew 24:37)

We are seeing and living in the growing rebellion spoken of by the Apostle Paul. (Second Thessalonians 2:3) I am so thankful for the patience of the Lord with myself. But I do wonder how much longer He will be patient with rebellious man. The time must be near.

Praise the Lord for His patience! Praise His name for Jesus, our only hope.

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