Before the Time of Jacob’s Trouble – Part Two

The Prophet Jeremiah described The Time of Jacob’s Trouble as a time like no other. But he assures us that Jacob (Israel) will be delivered out of this terrible time. In the Revelation there are many events that are of three and one-half years endurance. If The Time of Jacob’s Trouble is three and one-half years long, then many of these events described by the Apostle John begin at the initiation of this terrible time.

Here are events at the beginning in the order in which they were given to John:

(This is an announcement of the coming judgment.)

(The Beast from the sea of humanity may be Islamic. The penalty for not accepting the Beast is beheading. The Islamic world hates the Great Satan, and New York City is the personification of this. Remember September 11th. If the Beast is Islamic, destruction of the Great Satan may be high on his agenda. This announcement seems to confirm this.)

(This announcement must occur at the beginning. “One like the son of man,” or Jesus, has a sickle in preparation for the harvest. There is no mention of blood on his robe. In Isaiah 63:1 and Revelation 19:13, at the end of the harvest, the robe of Jesus is stained with blood.)

(Chapter 17:8,10,12 speak of the Beast and kings in the future tense. This must be near the beginning of The Time of Jacob’s Trouble.)

(The Beast hates “the city that rules the kings of the earth.” The Fall of Babylon could take place early in The Time of Jacob’s Trouble.)

All of these events described by the Apostle John must occur at or near the beginning of what we refer to as “the Tribulation.” The judgments of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will be carried out on those who dwell on earth. Then the end will come.

The word “grace” does not appear in the Revelation after the Church is removed in chapter four. Praise the Lord for His Grace toward us.

Next week we will look at events that take place after The Time of Jacob's Trouble.

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