After the Time of Jacob’s Trouble

Continuing the theme of The Time of Jacob’s Trouble (and he will be saved out of it) the last chapters of the Revelation agree completely with the Old Testament prophets. There will be “a king of fierce countenance” whose power will not be his own, and who will kill many during a time of peace. (Daniel 8:23-25) A mighty army from the north, Magog, will invade Israel and will be struck down on the mountains of Israel. (Ezekiel 39:1-4) Ultimately, all nations will be gathered against Jerusalem and it will be captured and plundered. Then the Lord Jesus will RETURN on the Mount of Olives (where He ascended in Acts 1:9-12) and will reign as King of kings and Lord of lords. (Zechariah 14:1-4, 12-13)

Our extremely patient Heavenly Father has endured the rebellion and blasphemy of mankind. When He chooses, he will exhibit His pent up wrath against this rebellion. And just as we see today, the world will retaliate against tiny Israel. (Remember the Gulf War? We were at war with Iraq, who then sent Scud missiles against Israel, a non-combatant.)

Two thousand years ago (two Millennial Days) the people of Israel rejected the promised Messiah, the Lord Jesus. Jesus foretold the desolation of Jerusalem, and said that He would not return until Israel says “Blessed is He who comes (or appears) in the Name of the Lord.” (Luke 13:34-35) The final capture and plundering of Jerusalem will result in Israel calling upon the Name of the Lord. Then the Lord Jesus will return, to the praise of His name.

The word translated as “church” appears 77 times in the New Testament. After the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches, concluding in chapter three, the church is not mentioned again in the Revelation. That is because, in my opinion, we will not be here, dwelling on earth. We are blessed to live in the age of God’s grace, but that will end when the Church is removed from the earth. The word “grace” only appears in the first chapter and the last chapter of the Revelation.

The Final Events

Here are the final events seen by the Apostle John and described by him in the Revelation. They are listed in the order recorded by John. I believe that all occur at the end of The Time of Jacob’s Trouble:

As much as I look forward to the Call of the Lord Jesus, I have concern for those who will be left to dwell on the earth during this time of trouble. Pray for the lost sheep. Pray for their salvation. And praise the Lord for His wonderful Grace toward all we sinners!

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