Mystery Babylon in History

We know that the source of rebellion is Satan, and he is the great counterfeiter. He influenced the pagan trinity of Mystery Babylon and the three-part rebellion associated with it. The three parts are Spiritual Babylon, Political Babylon and Commercial Babylon. The Lord has spoken against all three in His Word.

These three parts have been intertwined down through history. It is easy to see the connection between political power and wealth. Remember that the Lord’s plan did not include kingdoms, but family units. In the great kingdoms described in the Bible, it was all about political power and wealth, and though unstated, the absence of honoring God. If you do not honor the Lord, you will naturally honor His spiritual opposite, Satan.

An example from history of the three parts of Mystery Babylon is the Knights Templar. Their story began during the Crusades when they took possession of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Although described as “poor knights,” they had political connections. You do not possess the most important real estate in the world because of humility.

The Templars were the first international bankers. There were Templar offices in every major city in Europe. Rather than carrying gold when traveling, wealthy people obtained what has become known as a bank draft from the Templars. The Templars had vast land holdings and a fleet of ships. They were certainly involved in commerce.

The power of the Knights Templar became so great that King Phillip of Spain persuaded the Pope to issue a warrant for their arrest. This occurred on Friday, the 13th of October, 1307. Using the interrogation methods of the day (read “torture”), the Templars admitted to strange spiritual ceremonies.

The truth of those confessions is questionable, but I have visited a Templar church in London, England. The “church” was round with stone effigies of dead knights covering the floor. Around the perimeter of the “sanctuary” were carved faces of some very unhappy people. One was sticking out his tongue. Another had a rat chewing on his face. It is difficult to equate this to Christian worship. There was a strange spiritual side to the Knights Templar.

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