God Remembers Noah

In the Flood Account found in Genesis chapters six through nine, Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg found a marvelous Chiasm. The focal point of this Chiasm (X) in Genesis 8:1 is; God remembered Noah. The sequence of events leading to Noah and his family abiding in the Ark are then reversed as the flood subsides and life on earth begins again.

A Noah (6:10a)
  B Shem, Ham, and Japheth (6:10b)
   C Ark to be built (6:14-16)
    D Flood announced (6:17)
     E Covenant with Noah (6:18-20)
      F Food in the ark (6:21)
       G Command to enter the ark (7:1-3)
        H 7 days waiting for flood (7:4-5)
         I 7 days waiting for flood (7:7-10)
          J Entry to ark (7:11-15)
           K The LORD shuts Noah in (7:16)
            L 40 days of flood (7:17a)
             M Waters increase (7:17b-18)
              N Mountains covered (7:19-20)
               O 150 days: water prevail (7:21-24)
                X GOD REMEMBERS NOAH (8:1)
               O 150 days: waters abate (8:3)
              N Mountain tops visible (8:4-5)
             M Waters abate (8:5)
            L 40 days (end of) (8:6a)
           K Noah opens window of ark (8:6b)
          J Raven and dove leave the ark (8:7-9)
         I 7 days waiting for waters to subside (8:10-11)
        H 7 days waiting for waters to subside (8:12-13)
       G Command to leave ark (8:15-17 [22])
      F Food outside ark (9:1-4)
     E Covenant with all flesh (9:8-10)
    D No flood in the future (9:11-17)
   C Ark left (9:18a)
  B Shem, Ham and Japheth (9:18b)
A Noah (9:19)

There are alphabetic, numeric, Sabbatical, Menorah and Torah designs, encoded words and phrases, and literary devices throughout the Bible! There are probably more that I am not aware of. This wonderful book was written over a period of 1,600 years by about forty different men, and yet it is cohesive. Is it not amazing? May the Lord be praised forever for His wonderful Word!

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