New Testament Design Confirmation

The Lord has given us His wonderful Holy Bible, and He has also shown us a design or construction of the Word. By the pattern shown us by the Golden Lampstand, or Menorah, (Exodus 25:31-40) the design is evident. There are six branches; each having nine decorations and the central staff having twelve decorations.

Here is the design:

Please contact the author for an explanation of the above; particularly why Job is included under the Kingdom of Israel.

The Book of Isaiah, containing sixty-six chapters just as the Bible contains sixty-six books, is also divided by scholars into two parts; the Book of Judgment and the Book of Comfort. The Book of Judgment has thirty-nine chapters, just as there are thirty-nine books in the Old Testament. The Book of Comfort has twenty-seven chapters, just as the New Testament has twenty-seven books. This is not coincidence. It is Divine design.

If you consider this design within the Book of Isaiah, there is correspondence between the chapters of Isaiah and the Books of the Bible. Within the Book of Isaiah there are also Torah Designs (which is a whole different subject). As I studied these designs within Isaiah, I noticed a Torah Design pattern shift in chapters 49 through 57, a total of nine chapters.

Also, I noticed a duplication of Scripture in the last verse of chapter 48 (concluding the chapters corresponding to Matthew through Galatians) and at the end of chapter 57 (concluding the chapters corresponding to Ephesians through Philemon).

This is a clear confirmation to me of the division of New Testament books into groups of nine. Just as the books written to, or dealing with, Gentiles are inserted in the midst of books of Jewish subjects; we Gentiles are a parenthetical insertion in the Plan of God. His Plan began with, and will conclude with, the Hebrews and Jews.

Whether my understanding of the meaning of these nine books (and chapters) is correct, the Lord has clearly shown and confirmed that there is indeed such a pattern in the New Testament.

Praise His name for including us in His Plan!

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