Bible Divisions – Part Two

There is an interesting design to the New Testament that is not commonly noted, and the design of the Golden Lampstand displays this pattern for the books of the New Testament:

The first nine books and letters, Matthew to Galatians, address Jewish subjects and are frequently addressed to the Jews. After all, the early Church was primarily Jewish.

The next nine books or letters, Ephesians to Philemon, are clearly addressed to Gentiles. In fact, Paul specifically notes that this first letter was to Gentiles. (Ephesians 3:1) These books describe the great work of the apostle with Gentile churches. The last of these nine books, Philemon, is a short letter in which Paul sends Onesimus home, commending him to his master, Philemon. Paul offers to pay any debts of Onesimus. This little book is a concise foreshadow of the Church going Home with its debts paid.

The last group of nine books is again addressed to the Jews, and they begin appropriately enough with Hebrews. These nine books complete the pattern and outline of the Bible as provided by our Heavenly Father when He gave Moses the design for the Golden Lampstand. The last of this group is the Revelation, of course. The placement of the Revelation in this group of books addressed to Jews is further confirmation that the events of the Revelation are primarily intended for the Jews. Chapters two and three are addressed to the seven Churches of Asia Minor, but after that the Church is not mentioned.

The Lord Jesus stated three times that “they that are first shall be last; and the last first.” (Matthew 19:30, Mark 10:31, Luke 13:30) The insertion of nine books to Gentiles in the middle of the books to Jews shows us these statements. The Jews were the first to be blessed by the Lord, but because of their sin He turned from them to the Gentiles. “I said, ‘Here I am, here I am,’ To a nation that was not called by My name.” (Isaiah 65:1)

But after the Church goes Home, as in Philemon, the Lord will again turn to Israel in mercy and grace. Please see Hosea 5:15 and Jeremiah 24:7. “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” (Isaiah 65:24) The Jews will then be the last to be blessed by the Lord. We Gentiles are a parenthetical insertion in God’s great Plan. Again, this is confirmed by the Apostle Paul in the entirety of Romans chapter 11.

The arrangement of the books of the Bible in the pattern of the Golden Lampstand, as provided by the Lord, assists us in gathering a greater understanding of His Word. Praise His name for providing the Bible to us even after so many centuries, even millennia! Praise the name of the Lord always!

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