Biblical Patterns

My purpose in writing and sending my lessons over the years has been to show that there is so much more to the Bible than immediately meets the eye. I have tried to show interesting pictures as presented by the Lord’s Word. I have also written about patterns in the Bible.

There are several different patterns found in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. Because these patterns encompass the entire Bible, which means they were placed in the Word over a period of 1500 plus years, they are a clear indication of God’s Hand and the direction of the Holy Spirit in the writing of the many books of the Bible. These designs are God’s Mark, or His Imprimatur, on His Word.

I do not claim to know all the designs and patterns found in the Word, but the following is a list of those of which I am aware:

In the coming weeks I will briefly describe each of these patterns and show how to find them in the Bible. My prayer is that this series of lessons will be a blessing to you and will inspire you to search out the patterns for yourself. Sometimes, it is like a treasure hunt as I find a pattern and what it shows me. These patterns frequently assist in understanding a verse, a group of chapters, or even an entire book.

Despite the statements broadcast on PBS, the Discovery Channel, the National Geographic Channel and others, the Word of God is not a miscellaneous collection of unrelated writings. It is an integrated document. Brother Chuck Missler points out that if you remove a part of a hologram, you can still see the image. The clarity or resolution of the image may be diminished, but you can still tell what it is. The Bible is much the same. You can remove a page from the Bible, or even an entire book, but the story of Salvation and the love of God is still there. However, please do not remove anything from God’s Word.

I am so thankful for the Bible that we have received. I believe it to be inerrant and inspired by the Holy Spirit. May God be praised always for providing His Word to us.

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