The Pivotal Event of History

The Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus is obviously the pivotal event in the history of the world. It is central to Christian Believers and is the basis of our great hope of salvation.

There is another group of people that do not believe in Jesus, or that He was raised from the dead, or in the Salvation that He offers. And yet these people attach great importance to the event of His Crucifixion. They are the occultists, witches and New Agers.

Here are some of their beliefs:

I must clearly state here that Scripture says nothing about Jesus and Mary Magdalene being married. The famous prophecy about the Messiah in Isaiah 53 includes the statement in verse 8, “and who shall declare his generation (to come).” Jesus had no children. Further, when Mary Magdalene saw Jesus she asked, “Where have you laid my Lord?” not “Where is my husband?” Also, when she recognized Jesus, she called Him “Rabbi.”

What is amazing is that occultists of various “orders” do not believe in Jesus or His Salvation, and yet they attach so many legends and such importance to the event of His Crucifixion. To this day they theorize where the Holy Grail might be. Some believe that the Holy Grail (san greal – old English and French) and Royal Blood (sang real) are the same thing.

Even the demons know who Jesus is and that He is the Son of God. (Luke 8:28) They just do not follow Him. Those people who believe in the various legends attached to the death of Jesus are simply misled by the demons they follow.

Do not follow demons. Follow the Son of God, Jesus. Praise His name, forever!

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