The Great Pyramids

Bible scholars believe that the Tower of Babel was the first pyramid. The tower was built under the leadership of Nimrod, who is described as being a “mighty hunter before the Lord”. (Genesis 10:9) The phrase “before the Lord” might be translated “in the face of the Lord”. Nimrod was a rebel in the face of the Lord. Nimrod began the basic Babylonian mystery religion which survives today in several different forms. It is possible that he was not happy with the flooding of the world by the Lord, and he may have been attempting to build a high place, “just in case”.

The result of the attempted building of the Tower of Babel was the confusion of language and the dispersion of the peoples. It is thought that pyramids of Egypt, pre-Columbian civilizations in Central and South America, Sudan, Southwest Asia, and Greece are the result of the dispersal of the builders of the original tower. Most of these other towers or pyramids were made of stone and have survived the Tower of Babel because it was made of brick. (Genesis 11:3)

The pyramids of Egypt were at one time one of The Seven Wonders of the World. Today, they still command awe. We have all been treated to books, articles and television programs theorizing just how the pyramids were built. The question is "how did they move those huge stones?" According to various sources the average weight of the stones used in the construction of the pyramids is two and one-half tons. That would be like trying to move a full-size pickup truck without the wheels!

There are many theories about how the stones were moved into place. Many attach mystical properties to the pyramids and to their construction. Some have suggested that flying saucers, with their apparent weightlessness, assisted the Egyptians with the construction. Others believe that the Egyptian sorcerers levitated the stones into place. You will recall that the Egyptian magicians were able to duplicate some of the feats performed by Moses and Aaron (Exodus 7:11) but others they could not (Exodus 9:11). The Public Broadcasting System showed a documentary of archaeologists attempting to build with huge stones like those used to build the pyramids. They succeeded somewhat, but the pyramids are composed of thousands of such stones and the Great Pyramid was once 481 feet high!

You might wonder why I am marveling at the construction of the pyramids of Egypt. This is all leading to my question. Why all the hullaballoo about the 2 1/2 ton stones of the pyramids, when some of the stones of the foundation of the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem weigh as much as 370 tons? How did the Jews move those stones? Obviously, they did. We tend to think that we are the only clever people in all of history.

Mystics, psychics, spiritualists and academics wonder at the pyramids, and yet nothing is ever noted about the great stones in the Temple. Once again, we see man attributing great things to themselves and mystical ideas, but ignoring the great things of the Creator of the world. To marvel at what the Jews achieved at the Temple would give glory to God. This is something mankind is reluctant to do.

Therefore, I will do so. Praise the Name of our gracious, loving Lord. May His Name be praised now and forever.

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