Outside the Box (Or is it a Pyramid?)

Satan is the great counterfeiter. He tries to copy and mimic the Lord. For instance, his three-part Mystery Babylon is a counterfeit of the Trinity. Astrology and the Zodiac is a counterfeit of the Story in the Stars as laid out by the Lord. The pyramid shape is another of the Lord’s creations that Satan wishes to copy. This may explain the many pyramids found in various parts of the world. Perhaps the idea of pyramids was not spread by men moving from one region to another, but by Satan who would direct the use of pyramids for unholy and pagan purposes.

When we think of pyramids, we think of the pyramids of Egypt. But there are many others. The Mayan temples found in Mexico are stepped towers in the shape of a pyramid. The ziggurats discovered in Mesopotamia were stepped pyramids and all had names indicating a link between Heaven and earth. Reaching the heavens was the goal of the people of Babel. (Genesis 11:4) But their object was not to worship the Creator of all things, but to make a name for themselves. The Tower of Babel was probably a stepped pyramid like so many other ziggurats found in that region. All these buildings were great in the eyes of mankind, but they were used to lead people to pagan deities.

When Jacob had his vision of angels coming and going to Heaven (Genesis 28:12) the Hebrew word indicates a staircase. According to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, the root of this word means to “mound up” or “raise up.” So Jacob may have seen angels coming and going up a stepped pyramid, and not a ladder as in the King James Version. If this is the Lord’s creation, you can see why Satan would copy it and pervert its image and use.

When we read chapter 21 of the Revelation, we try to imagine what the New Jerusalem will look like. Our finite minds have trouble picturing the glory of what the Lord has created; the jewels, the gold, the twelve foundations named for the twelve Apostles. And the size is overwhelming; 12,000 stadia, or about 1,400 miles on each side. The New Jerusalem is described as being 1,400 miles long, 1,400 miles wide and 1,400 miles high.

Here is where we make an assumption. We assume the New Jerusalem is a cube or box shaped. It may be a pyramid. Patrick Heron, in his book The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, makes a strong case for this edifice being in the shape of a pyramid. This would explain the use of pyramids in pagan worship. It is Satan’s attempt to copy something of the Lord’s and to bring spiritual discredit upon it.

If the New Jerusalem is a pyramid and not a cube, that is genuine “thinking outside the box.” I look forward to the day when we all get to see the shape of the New Jerusalem.

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