Godís Wonderful Provision

Our church has been praying for our pastor and his headaches for months. It got to a point where we were praying that the Lord would reveal the cause of the headaches. The Lord did just that; and how did He reveal it!

Brother Brian went to school to pick up his daughter for a dentist appointment. The school nurse just happened to be there when he walked into the office. She knows the pastor and could see he was in distress. She immediately called 911. Had he been alone in the church office, the results could have been disastrous. But the Lord was watching out for Brother Brian.

When the ambulance got him to the hospital he was met by a nurse from the emergency room, who just happens to be a member of our church. She rushed Brother Brian through the process and soon the doctors were draining over two pints of fluid from his brain. They had determined that he had a large cyst in his brain. In fact, they said he was just hours from dying. The Lord was watching out for Brother Brian.

Another nurse from our little church was there and explained what was happening and translated the medical terms for the family. A day or so later the doctors placed a drainage shunt in the pastorís brain, and he was able to come home a couple of days later. The ordeal left him exhausted for almost two weeks. But Pastor Brian insisted on preaching the Sunday before his surgery.

Friday, April 24th, two neurosurgeons removed the cyst from Brother Brianís brain. The cyst had apparently been there since birth. They were amazed that the surgery was so smooth with no problems. The Lord was watching out for Brother Brian.

Brother Brian healed so quickly the medical personnel at the hospital were surprised. He went home, Monday, April 27th! Brain surgery on Friday; home on Monday! The Lord was watching out for Brother Brian.

The Most High God, our Heavenly Father who deserves all honor and praise, watches over all His children. Brother Brian would be the first person to tell you that he is not special simply because he pastors a church. He is a servant of the Lord, as are we all.

Many prayers were offered up for Brother Brian, and the Lord answered them. May His name be praised forever!

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