There is a school of thought within the Church that has been around since the time of Augustine in the Fifth Century. This mindset says that the Church is and will reign supreme until the Lord Jesus comes in great power and glory. In medieval times it could be claimed that the Roman Church reigned “politically,” but it is difficult to see the supremacy of the Church over the last fifteen hundred years. As I lock my doors and set my alarm, it is even more difficult to see that the morality of the Church is reigning supreme.

This school of thought also believes that before the Return of Jesus there will be a great revival, although Scripture does not say. For this I pray daily. Again, in these days of rejection of all that is holy or moral or of a Christian nature, it is difficult to see a revival. Perhaps from this sinful soil the fruit of revival will spring. I pray it is so.

Because I believe that we are near the Last Days, I offer another possibility. When the Lord Jesus comes and calls His Church to Him to meet Him in the air, there will be great consternation on the earth. Many will be glad that those troublesome Christians are gone, but many will understand the nature of the disappearance of the Lord’s children. That may be the basis for a great revival. In football, when there are two minutes remaining, the referees call a two-minute warning. This is to warn the coaches that time is short (and to allow the networks to insert more commercials).

The disappearance of millions of Christians and all innocent children (of such is the Kingdom of Heaven – Matthew 19:14) will probably be a warning that time is short. The Church will have been removed to spare them from the justifiable wrath of the Lord. (Rev. 3:10, I Thess. 5:9, 1:10)

In the Revelation chapter 7, four angels are instructed to delay their destruction upon the earth until the servants of the Lord are sealed. There will be 144,000 of these servants, 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Because the angels were instructed to delay hurting the earth, it is evident that these servants of the Lord will be serving on the earth. Immediately following the sealing of these servants John saw a Heavenly scene in which an uncountable multitude from every nation, kindred, people and tongue were standing before the Throne and before the Lamb of God. One of the twenty-four elders explained to John that this great multitude of people had come out of the Great Tribulation and had washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb.

Scripture does not directly say, but the context indicates that this uncountable multitude of peoples was given the Gospel by the 144,000 sealed servants who were to serve on the earth. Brother Hal Lindsey, in Late Great Planet Earth calls them “144,000 Jewish Billy Grahams.” Again, the Grace of God is demonstrated by the delay of destruction and the opportunity for salvation.

I pray that there will be another Great Awakening before the Rapture of the Church. May each of us pray for the lost, rebellious souls that are alive today. May there be even more souls gathered around His Throne to praise His wonderful, gracious name!

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