Sabbatical Designs in the Revelation

Among the many patterns and designs in the Word of God are Sabbatical Designs. These designs follow the pattern given by the seven days of Creation:
Day 1 – The Lord began His Creation – The Beginning
Day 2 – The Lord separated the waters – Separated or Set Apart
Day 3 – The dry land appeared and seed produced after its kind – Seed, After its Kind
Day 4 – The Sun, Moon and Stars given for signs – Signs
Day 5 – Non-land creatures (birds and fish) that move through the fluid air or water are a picture of spiritual things – Spiritual
Day 6 – Man was created – Man and his actions
Day 7 – The Lord rested on the Seventh Day – Rest and Reprieve

The use of the designs placed in the Word by the Lord can help us to understand Scripture better. The following are examples from the Revelation:
 Chapter  Day
   4           4          John’s instantaneous translation to Heaven is a sign
   5           5          The Spiritual Owner of the earth makes His claim
   6           6          Man and his wicked actions are punished
   7           7          Rest for the great multitude dressed in white robes
   8           1          The beginning of the seven trumpets
   9           2          Unrepentant mankind set apart for punishment
   11         4          The Two Witnesses are a sign to the world
   12         5          Spiritual war in Heaven
   13         6          Wicked man and his actions
   14         7          Rest and reprieve for the 144,000
   15         1          The beginning of the seven plagues
   16         2          Unrepentant mankind set apart for punishment
   18         4          The Fall of Babylon is a sign to the world
   19         5          The great Spiritual Victory of the Lord Jesus!
   20         6          Rebellious man and his actions are judged
   21         7          The new Heavens and new Earth are the ultimate rest
   22         1          The beginning of the Kingdom of God
                                (following the Millennial Kingdom)

This design, shown to us in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, applies throughout the Bible and concludes with the last book, the Revelation. I encourage you to look for this pattern in your personal studies. Do so, and be amazed!

As stated before, the Word of God is holy, true, correct and without error. It is far more than a collection of myths, fables and campfire stories. Study the Word and be blessed. Praise the Lord for His wonderful Bible, and for the many patterns and designs He has placed in it.

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