Saul and David Chiasm

Our pastor has been teaching from First Samuel, and I found this fascinating chiasm online that was taken from chapter eighteen of the book.

A Bible chiasm presents a mirror image of the themes of certain verses, in the order that they appear in Scripture. The following is about the relation between King Saul and David. Compare the first 'a' with the last 'a', the first 'b' with the last 'b', et cetera.

(The mirror image of Scripture from First Samuel)

a - 18:11 Saul tries to kill David
  b - 18:14 David behaved wisely
   c - 18:15 Saul afraid of David
    d - 18:16 All Judah and Israel loved David
     e - 18:17a Saul Promises Merab, his daughter, to David
      f - 18:17b Saul sets David against Philistines
       g - 18:18 David questioned right to be son-in-law
        h - 18:21 Saul sets David against the Philistines
         i - 18:22a Saul commands his servants
          j - 18:22 David told to become Saulís son-in-law
          j - 18:23 David questions right to be son-in law
         i - 18:24 Saulís servants respond to him
        h - 18:25 Saul sets David against the Philistines
       g - 18:26 David pledged to become Saulís son-in-law
      f - 18:27a David fights the Philistines
     e - 18:27b Saul gives Michal, his daughter to David
    d - 18:28 Michal, Saulís daughter, loved David
   c - 18:29 Saul afraid of David
  b - 18:30 David behaved wisely
a - 19:1 Saul instructs that David be killed.

It is amazing (!!) what is found in the Word of God. Praise His name, forever!

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