Redemption of the Earth

The Seven Seals of the Revelation 6:1-17 and 8:1-5 are thought by many Bible scholars to represent the Redemption of the Earth by the Lord Jesus, the only person qualified to do so. (Revelation 5:2-5) These seven seals follow the example given in Jeremiah 32:6-15, in which Jeremiah bought a field and placed the terms and conditions on a sealed scroll. I have recently discovered confirmation of the meaning of the Seven Seals of the Revelation.

Adam and Eve were given rule over the earth and all that lived on it. (Genesis 1:28) But when they sinned against God, they lost that right, and Satan took it up. Satan is the prince of this world, which was stated by Jesus shortly before His Last Supper with the Disciples. (John 12:31)

Because of the balance and symmetry of the Holy Bible, I realized that the seven seals of redemption of the world from Satan’s rule would be a mirror image of the initial loss of Adam and Eve’s right to rule the earth. This is clearly found in Genesis 3:14-24.

The Lord took seven actions at the occasion of the Fall of Man in Genesis. Although not immediately apparent, the themes of the Seven Seals of the Revelation parallel these actions.

Seal One – A white horse with a conquering rider. This person represents the Satan-controlled anti-Christ. The crown he wears is a victory garland (stephanos) and not the crown of royalty (diadema) worn by Jesus in the Revelation 19. The First Curse by the Lord was against the serpent, which represents Satan.

Seal Two – A red horse with a rider given power to take peace from the earth. This is Satan’s plan for the earth; no peace. The Second Curse by the Lord placed enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. There has been no peace because of this enmity.

Seal Three – The rider of a black horse with scales in his hand, measuring out food and representing famine, and therefore, sorrow. The Third Curse by the Lord told the woman He would multiply her sorrow.

Seal Four – A pale horse whose rider is Death. The Fourth Curse by the Lord was against man. He was told he would struggle to feed himself until he died.

(Please note that horses are symbols of war. Except for chariots, horses were not used as draught animals until medieval times.)

Seal Five – The souls of martyrs are seen beneath the altar. The martyrs are given robes of white. The Fifth Action of the Lord was to provide clothing (or robes) to Adam and Eve.

Seal Six – There is a great earthquake and many cataclysmic events of upheaval. The Sixth Action of the Lord was the upheaval of the lives of Adam and Eve as they were driven from the Garden.

Seal Seven – At the opening of this seal, seven angels are given trumpets to announce the Lord’s wrath against the earth. The Seventh Action of the Lord was the placing cherubim (high-ranking angels) to guard the entrance of the Garden.

The Bible is a symmetric document. Actions begun in Genesis are completed in the Revelation. The seven actions of the Lord when Adam and Eve relinquished their claim to the earth are completed with the Seven Seals of the Revelation. This appears to confirm the meaning of the Seven Seals as being the Redemption of the Earth.

Praise the Lord, always!

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