Selah is Deliverance

The word “Selah” (Strong’s H5542) as found in the Psalms is thought to be a musical or poetic term. It is also found in Habakkuk chapter three, which is a prayer written in poetic form. However, there is a direct connection between “Selah” and Deliverance. I have reviewed every psalm in which Selah appears, and Habakkuk chapter three, and have found that connection.

Selah is in each of the following psalms and Habakkuk chapter three, and each time it points to saving, or deliverance. To be delivered is to be saved. Here is a sample of what I found:

By the way, Jeshua is the Hebrew version of the name of Jesus. Jesus means salvation! The above psalms all speak of salvation and deliverance.

The Day of the Lord and the subsequent Millennial Kingdom are the ultimate deliverance of the Children of Israel, and Selah is found associated with them all. The following psalms tell of the Day of the Lord and the coming Kingdom.

Chapter three of Habakkuk is clearly about the Day of the Lord. It describes several apocalyptic events found elsewhere in the Old Testament and in the Revelation. And Selah occurs three times in this passage.

The Lord is the provider of salvation and deliverance. May His name be praised forever!

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