Son of Hamas

Hamas and Fatah are two names that we hear often relating to the Palestinians. Hamas is in control of the Gaza Strip and Fatah generally controls the “West Bank.” Hamas is a “religious” organization and Fatah is a secular organization. It is difficult to equate a religious group with suicide bombers and rocket attacks against civilians. Except in the matter of killing Jews, Hamas and Fatah do not agree with each other. This disagreement is one of the difficulties of the Palestinians.

Mosab Yousef is the son of one of the founders of Hamas. Through contact with a Christian teenager he became a Christian. It was a slow, learning process in which Mosab found the difference between the God of the Bible and the god of Islam.

Mosab was imprisoned by the Israelis as a teenager. While in prison he saw how Hamas was torturing and killing their own people in prison. Because he had been exposed to Christianity, though not yet a Christian, he recognized the evil in Islam. As a result Mosab became an agent for the Israeli security agency, Shin Bet.

Through his connections with Hamas, he had “credentials” that allowed him access to the activities of Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). As an agent for Shin Bet, Mosab was able to stop bombings, identify terrorists and save lives, including the lives of Americans working in Gaza and the West Bank.

Mosab Yousef became a Christian, yet he still loved and honored his father. His Christian perspective allowed him to work to stop the killing while still loving his Islamic father. Eventually, Mosab tired of the stress of living a double life and came to the United States. He arrived in early 2007 on a tourist visa.

Please note that his arrival was long after the formation of Homeland Security. After living here for seven months, Mosab went to our government, told them who he was and asked for political asylum. Our security agencies did not know that the son of the founder of Hamas was living in the United States!

Recently, he published an account of his conversion to Christianity and his activities with terrorist organizations. The book is called Son of Hamas. Homeland Security finally recognized who he was, and is now attempting to deport Mosab Yousef. It would seem that our government could use the information that Mosab has to assist in their “War Against Terrorism.” Instead, they are seeking to deport a man who could be an asset to America.

In addition, his life is in danger here in the United States. If he is sent back to the Middle East, it will be in greater danger.

I question the wisdom of our government. There is a deportation hearing scheduled for June 30th. Pray for the protection of Brother Mosab. Pray for wisdom for the hearing judge. Pray that the Lord’s perfect will be done. Praise His holy name!

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