Broadcasting Evil

For centuries, if not millennia, athletics has been about competition and leadership. Schools encouraged athletic events for their students. There was no pay, no bribes, just the satisfaction of doing a task well.

Just after the “war to end all wars,” (World War One) a group of praying military veterans at a very small college in Kentucky were astonishing the sporting world. Centre College’s football team was so good that they played against the pre-imminent team of that era, Harvard University, and won! Centre College in Danville, Kentucky had a total of 200 students; just Harvard’s football squad including coaches was 200!

We have all heard of athletes betting against their team and then throwing the game. The Centre football team, the “Praying Colonels,” bet on themselves to pay the expenses of traveling to Massachusetts from Kentucky. Centre College did not have a travel budget. For those familiar with sports betting, the spread on their games was frequently as much as forty-nine points (seven touchdowns). These guys were good!

About the same time, an astounding amateur Scottish track star was to compete in the 1924 Olympics. Eric Liddell, son of missionaries to China, was scheduled to run in a certain event, and he refused – because the event was on the Lord’s Day, Sunday!

In the ensuing decades athletics has devolved to even “amateur” college athletes receiving gifts for performing. Professional athletes are noted for their swagger and criminal records. Which leads us to the “Super Bowl.”

The Super Bowl has become a platform for “social justice warriors” and the occult. The half-time shows for the last decade have become an exhibition where parents may want to send their children from the room. These shows have been a platform for performers to exhibit lewdness, occult themes and display insider occult symbols.

I have read, but have no way of confirming, that trafficked children are brought to the Super Bowl to satisfy the many pedophiles that come for that express purpose. The Super Bowl is no longer about athletic competition and leadership. It has become an evil event, and it is broadcast into homes across the United States. I urge you to keep it out of your home.

One of the “Praying Colonels” went on to become a Kentucky legislator, and his son became the governor of Kentucky. The principled Christian athlete, Eric Liddell, went as a missionary to China where he died at the hands of the Japanese army. Celebrities of today cannot compare.

I am so thankful for the great Mercy and Grace of our Heavenly Father, especially toward me. May His name be always praised!

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