Symmetry of the Bible

Several times before, I have noted the symmetry of the Bible. At a glance we see that sin was introduced by Satan in Genesis and then Satan is thrown into the Lake of Fire in the Revelation. The Babylonian rebellion began at the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11) and Mystery Babylon is destroyed in the Revelation.

But there is more symmetry. Satan introduced sin before the Flood, and is flung into the Lake of Fire after the Return of the Lord Jesus. Nimrod began the Babylonian rebellion after the Flood and Mystery Babylon is destroyed before the Return of the Lord Jesus.

Before the Flood man and animals apparently only ate fruits and vegetables because after the Flood the Lord gave both man and animals permission to eat flesh.

Mankind has eaten meat for approximately 4,400 years, but in the Kingdom Age animals will no longer be carnivores.
Scripture does not say, but I assume this applies to man, also. If the theory of a polar shift of the earth during the Flood is correct, this would explain the formation of mountain ranges. Please see “An Ancient Cataclysm.” If this is correct, then there were no great mountain ranges before the Flood. This will be reversed in the Kingdom Age when every mountain will be brought low and every valley raised up. (Isaiah 40:10, 54:10)
Mount Zion will be the mountain of the entire world.

The Lord’s original plan was that man would live in families or patriarchal units and be independent on their own portion of land. The first mention of a city is found in the account of the rebel, Cain, and later in the account of the rebel, Nimrod. Also, Nimrod began the first kingdom, usurping the authority of the family patriarchs. The first mention of a tower is at Babel. Cities, kingdoms and towers (skyscrapers?) are significant of rebellion against the Lord.

In the Kingdom Age the situation will be returned to the Lord’s original plan. Every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree and there will be no one to make him afraid. (Micah 4:4) There will be no political tyrants in the Kingdom. The Lord Jesus will reign as Prince of Peace.

How I look forward to that day! Praise the Lord, always and ever!

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