The Temple Menorah

The Lord gave Moses specific instructions for the creating of the Golden Lampstand in Exodus 25:31-40. The lampstand was to be used in the Tabernacle. It was to have six branches from the main “candlestick.” Each of these branches was to have three bowls or cups shaped like an almond. Each of the bowls was to be accompanied by a knob design and a flower design, making a total of three sets of three designs (bowls, knobs, flowers) on each branch. There were to be nine designs or decorations on each branch.

The main candlestick, or support, of the lampstand was to have four bowls like almonds with the accompanying knobs and flowers. The made a total of twelve designs or decorations on the main support of the lampstand.

This remarkable design, with a total of sixty-six decorations, shows us the Word of God with its sixty-six books. Further, the pattern of nine and twelve decorations on the branches and support show us a clear pattern of the books of the Bible. For example, the twelve decorations in the center equate exactly to the twelve “Minor Prophets.” For more information please click HERE

The Temple Mount Institute in Jerusalem has created a Golden Lampstand, along with golden utensils for use in the future Temple. If you examine the photo from the institute, you will not see the various bowls, knobs and flowers. When my wife and I were blessed to visit Israel and to see a presentation at the Temple Mount Institute, we were impressed with the many traditions they included in their preparation of robes and implements for use in the Temple. In my mind I kept asking, “where is that in the Bible?”

This illustrates how we can be diverted from truth by the tradition of men. (Colossians 2:8) Christians cannot point too many fingers at the Jews, for we have sufficient traditions of our own. But our Lord is Light and Truth and some day, perhaps soon, the Jews will know the Truth. How I look forward to the Day. Pray for the lost. Praise the Lord for His Truth!

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