The Temple Location

I have expressed my opinion about the location of the Temple of God in several different articles. Never mind my opinion, let the Scriptures speak.

First, the Lord stated that He would choose a place for His name:

Next, the Bible tells us where the Lord chose to place His name: Scripture tells us that the Lord chose Zion for His dwelling place. Where is Zion? Isaiah the Prophet makes it clear as to where the place of the Lord’s name is: Please recognize that Mount Zion is not modern-day Jerusalem, but is in modern-day Jerusalem. At the time of King David Mount Zion was Jerusalem, but the city has grown over the millenia. Today, Mount Zion/the City of David is specifically the twelve-acre peninsula of land south of the traditional Temple Mount.

There will be a Temple built during the Tribulation, but very possibly not in the City of David. There are two reasons for this; 1) Tradition, and 2) the Lord chose Zion as the place for His name, and He may not want that special place to be sullied by the actions of evil men during the Tribulation. But I am sure the Millennial Temple, the temple in which the Lord Jesus will reign, will be in the City of David, or Mount Zion. Praise His name!!

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