This is BIG!

(Providential encouragement)

The United States Supreme Court allots justices to the eleven various Circuit Court Districts in the United States. Because of the death of Justice Ginsberg and the appointment of Justice Barrett, the districts were reassigned. Any cases referred to the Supreme Court from District Courts are first reviewed by a designated Justice. That Justice can then recommend that the entire Supreme Court review the matter.

This is interesting now matter how you look at it! Personally, I believe this shift in assignments was Providential The Lord is at work!

Remember, there are questions about the election process in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia and maybe other states.

Here is how the allotment played out:

All four of these Supreme Court Justices are considered to be Constitutionalists, who decide cases before them based upon the United States Constitution rather than their personal persuasions.

In case you think that I am making this up, click HERE for the U.S. Circuit Court map as provided by, and click HERE for the November 20, 2020 Order from the United States Supreme Court.

Praise the Lord for His providential direction!

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