The Thread of Evil Ė Part Two

The Throne of Satan, or the Altar of Zeus, a site of pagan worship including the sacrifice of innocent children, fell into disuse during the Christian Age and became dormant. The sand and dirt of many centuries covered it until it was discovered by a German archaeologist in 1871. Carl Humann began excavation of the edifice in 1878 and shipped the pieces to his homeland, to Germany.

Italian specialists worked on the many sculptures and friezes for several years. It is interesting that several of the friezes depict giants. The Altar of Zeus was assembled and completed in Berlin in 1889. From 1897-1899 a museum was constructed to display the altar.

The Thread of Evil began its work anew. A new building for the altar was begun just prior to World War One, but was delayed due to the war and the subsequent disruption of the German economy. It was completed in 1930, the same year the National Socialist Party (the Nazis) rose from obscurity to become the second most powerful political party in Germany.

Soon after, the Nazis won more elections and Adolf Hitler was appointed as Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Albert Speer, a young German architect, was commissioned to design the grandstand and speakerís podium for Hitlerís Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg. Speer was impressed by the Altar of Zeus, and used it as a model for the Nuremberg grandstand.

When you see films of Hitler speaking before great rallies with thousands of people in attendance, he was standing on a replica of the Throne of Satan. From a historic perspective, we can see that Hitler was speaking for Satan. The great evil that was done prior to and during World War Two certainly centered on Berlin, Germany, the location of the Altar of Zeus.

It is estimated that sixty million people lost their lives during World War Two. We are told that the Nazis killed six million Jews, or about ten percent, a tithe of all war dead. The Firstfruits were the first to be offered in sacrifice, according to the instructions of the Lord. The Prophet Jeremiah told us that Israel was the Firstfruits of the Lord. (Jeremiah 2:3) The Thread of Evil was doing its work in the world, and centered in Germany.

The Thread of Evil still continues. More in the next lesson. Praise the Lord for the hedge of protection He has granted us to protect us from evil.

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