Something Learned From Television

While watching a television crime show, we were told that trees, and possibly all plants, have a specific DNA, just like humans. Because these shows sometimes exaggerate, like being able to search millions of records online in about one second, we questioned this stated fact. My wife did an online search (it took more than one second) and found this fact to be true.

Trees have DNA. The quest for tree DNA began with the cutting down and carrying away of an 800 year-old cedar tree. It was hoped that the forestry service could locate the pirated wood and convict the thief. Scientists then found that trees have DNA and this DNA varies from tree to tree, just as it does with human DNA. By identifying certain markers called microsatellites, the DNA of different trees is clearly indicated. Dr. Eleanor White estimates the probabilities of a random match are less than one chance in a million. As they identify other markers, the probabilities will be even greater. This means that DNA matching can be used as evidence against tree rustlers.

Here is a link to a short video by Dr. White who made this discovery - Click HERE.

The questions that spring to my mind are, “If trees and possibly all plants have unique DNA just like humans, does this mean that the trees and other plants were created by lightning striking a puddle of primordial ooze? Or were they planted by space aliens?”

I am not being facetious. Dr. Francis Crick and Dr. James Watson discovered DNA in the 1950s. After study, they realized that the complexity of the astronomical combinations of the four elements of DNA could not have occurred by chance. There had to be a creator (little “c”). Dr. Crick and Dr. L. E. Orgle, in their book Directed Panspermia, postulated that we humans were planted here on Earth by spaceships from another galaxy. This, of course, raises the question, “Who created the beings that sent the spaceships to Earth?”

This is typical of the human trait of making the facts fit your preconceived ideas. Much of mankind does not want to be held responsible for their actions by a Supreme Being. So they simply do not wish to believe there is a Creator.

Plant DNA is truly amazing. My prayer is that Dr. White and others studying DNA will realize that there is a Creator and give Him all honor, praise and glory.

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