The Tree of Hope

After being sworn in as President of the United States, the first act of George Washington and the United States Congress was to walk to a nearby church and pray. You read that correctly. In 1789 the entire U. S. Congress and the newly-inaugurated President prayed for guidance for this new country!

Because the founding act (praying for guidance) of the founding fathers occurred at St. Paul’s Chapel, you could consider this plot of land the foundation of the United States. At that time the Capitol of the United States was in New York, as was the church in which they prayed. Over time, part of the land on which St. Paul’s Chapel was built was sold, and office buildings were built nearby.

Fast forward 212 years. It is 2001. Terrorists have flown airliners into the World Trade Center, which was built on the land adjacent to the church in which Congress and the President prayed. When the buildings collapsed, a giant steel beam flew toward the church. It was intercepted by a mature sycamore tree that was totally uprooted by the force of the beam. Had the tree not been there, the church on “foundational land” would have been seriously damaged or destroyed.

Many, including myself, have written about the scripture read by Senator Tom Daschle on September 12, 2001, the following day:

This passage was misused. The Lord had given a warning to Israel, but the previous verse notes that they made the statement above in pride and arrogance of heart. This disaster struck at the very foundation of the United States. I believe the Lord was trying to warn the United States, but we responded the same way as ancient Israel.

The same verse read by Senator Daschle speaks of the sycamore being cut down, but replaced with a cedar tree. In 2003, following the pattern of Biblical prophecy, the uprooted sycamore tree was replaced by a cedar tree, or a tree from the same family. It was called the Tree of Hope, and was considered a symbol of the spirit of the United States rebuilding after the September 11th Disaster.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger which is a book about this very subject, lives in nearby New Jersey. He has visited the Tree of Hope.

The Tree of Hope is dying. Branches have been cut off. It is supported by a rope.

I could find no news stories about the Tree of Hope on the Internet. Perhaps a story about the symbol of the United States dying does not fit the agenda of the media.

Pray for America! Pray for the Lord’s Children in America!

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