An Ancient Cataclysm

Several years ago I wrote about a theory about the cataclysmic event of the Great Flood. This theory was based on the idea of an ice asteroid approaching the earth. Please click HERE.

I recently heard another fascinating theory presented by Brent Miller, Sr. Brother Miller is an inventor who has been awarded over thirty patents. He suggests that a part of the Great Flood cataclysm was a shift of the earth’s poles.

As evidence, he presented cuneiform tablets that show the earth was once aligned with the ecliptic, which is the orbital plane of the sun. Currently, the axis of the earth is tilted 23.4 degrees from the ecliptic. If the earth’s axis was aligned with the orbital plane of the sun, there would be no seasons on the earth. The north and south poles might be cooler, but would still be climatically tolerable. In fact, there is evidence that the Polar Regions were lush with vegetation!

Professor Jane Francis of the University of Leeds in England has found fossilized, or petrified, logs of large trees in the Transantarctic Mountains of the South Pole. Dr. Francis states there was “a truly subtropical forest” at the South Pole.

Brother Miller suggests that a sudden pole shift might strip away the atmosphere at the poles allowing the frigid cold of space to freeze whatever was there, including the wooly mammoths found frozen while standing with vegetation still in their mouths. While it is suggested that the wooly mammoth could tolerate cold, the rhinoceros cannot. Frozen rhinoceroses have also been found in these regions.

Another consequence of a sudden shift of the earth could be a disruption of the earth’s mantle, or crust. This disruption would explain the formation of mountains and also the subsidence of great areas of land. In recent history, the city of Port Royal, Jamaica disappeared beneath the ocean during the earthquake of 1692. Divers visit the city even to this day.

Petrified tree from the South Pole

Diver at huge blocks near Japan

Great cities have been found underwater. Brother Miller suggests that they subsided at the time of the polar shift. A city covering ten square miles has been discovered off of the coast of India. Another huge city was found near Japan. Yet another was found off of the coast of Cuba. These cities are clearly man-made, composed of huge blocks of stone, and are indicative of advanced societies. Stone arches have been found as well as pyramidal structures.

Today, pyramids have been found on dry land around the earth. They are always associated with pagan, rebellious cultures. Perhaps these underwater cities with their pyramids were populated with people whose “every imagination of the thoughts of [their] heart[s] was only evil continually.” (Genesis 6:5)

The scientists explain the “lush subtropical forest” at the frozen South Pole as the results of “extreme global warming.” Seriously. I explain it as the result of the Creator of all things, the Most High God, being in control. Most certainly, He could have caused the rains to continue for forty days, the fountains of the deep to gush forth, and the earth to shift on its polar axis.

Scripture tells us of future cataclysmic events when the mountains (that were formed at the time of the Great Flood?) will be leveled (Job 28:9, Psalm 46:2, Ezekiel 38:20, Revelation 16:20) and the city of God, Jerusalem, will be the high point on earth. (Isaiah 2:2, Micah 4:1)

Our God is able! Praise His name, always!

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