The Veracity of the Bible

The purpose of my lessons over the years has been to demonstrate that the Holy Bible, the Word of God, is true, valid and correct. The various translations that we use are not perfect. They contain the biases of the men translating them. A clear example is the use of the word “baptize” in the King James Version. The Greek word in the original text means to immerse, but the churchmen who did the translating practiced infant sprinkling, and therefore could not use the word “immerse.” How do you immerse a days-old child? The Greek word used is “baptizo,” which was transliterated into “baptize” by the translators.

I went through all of that to make the point that all of the versions of God’s Word that we use have their own faults, from the King James Version to the most modern, liberal “gender-neutral” version. But the underlying Word of God is without error.

For the last three weeks I have provided a series of lessons on the Golden Lampstand prescribed by the Lord. Its design was given to Moses on Mount Sinai. Therefore, this design predates sixty-three of the sixty-six books of the Bible. The only books possibly in existence were Genesis, Exodus and the Book of Job, thought to be the oldest of Biblical writings.

The design of the Golden Lampstand, provided by the Creator, shows the number of books and the overall form and design of the entire Bible! And yet it predates ninety-five percent of all those books! There is no explanation for this astounding fact other than it came from someone who knows the future before it happens. This indicates a being from the spiritual realm, the realm without the limits of time.

Unfortunately, this provides an opening for spiritualists to allege that this collection of books came from Satan, or some other lesser spiritual being. However, this raises the logical question; why would such a being render such a wicked, depraved, malicious and evil description of himself, calling himself “the father of lies,” (John 8:44) if he were the author?

This wonderful collection was provided by someone from the spiritual realm. The Holy Bible was given to us by the Holy Creator, our Heavenly Father, who knows and tells us the end from the beginning. (Isaiah 46:10) This enormous document describes God as benevolent, loving, gracious, and really patient. It tells us that He wants us to be part of His eternal kingdom, and it tells us how to achieve His kingdom.

Just a quick word about dating. Detractors like to say that the Bible was written much later than it actually was. According to Bible chronology, Moses was on Mount Sinai about 1400 B.C., or almost 3,500 years ago. Detractors would deny this. But they cannot deny the historic fact that the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament (including the description of the Golden Lampstand) were in existence about 270 B.C. The existence of the Septuagint version of the Bible is an historic fact. So, even if the 1400 B.C. date is not correct, the design of the Lord’s Lampstand, which shows the twenty-seven books of the New Testament, was in place long before the New Testament was written.

There can be no question. God’s Word is accurate and true. Praise His name that we have received it intact today, even after several millennia. Praise His name always!

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