The Waters of Genesis – Part One

The Word of God is a complex, multi-layered document that defies explanation by conventional means. The Bible is so much more than the world’s definition; “a collection of stories and myths.” And when you take the time to investigate and study, there are great rewards. Jesus said, “Seek and you shall find.” (Matthew 7:7)

Recently, I was rewarded with the discovery of designs associated with the word “water” as found in Genesis. Actually, the word in the original Hebrew is mayim or “waters.” It is always in the plural and is spelled with the Hebrew letters mem, yod, mem.

According to Jewish scholars the thirteenth letter, mem, designates water or something concealed or revealed. As an example, the thirteenth chapter of Mark is a mem chapter and in it the Lord Jesus revealed End Time events. Also, the thirteenth chapter of the Revelation begins with the dragon standing on the shore of the sea, and then the beast comes out of the metaphoric sea.

The yod encapsulated between the mems, again according to Jewish scholars, represents creation and the metaphysical. The word mayim, or “waters,” is found throughout the Creation account.

I found that there are seven groupings of Creation events that contain the word one or more occurrences of mayim. Each event is clearly delineated, and they give us an interesting picture of the early history of the world. Here are the seven events:

1 – Genesis 1:1-2 – These verses obviously show us The Beginning and this passage contains one occurrence of “waters.” This one occurrence indicates the One God whom we all worship, and who created the world.

2 – Genesis 1:6-8 – In this passage the Lord divided the waters above from the waters below. At this time it appears that there was no land, only the seas. The waters above could be a cloud covering. “Waters” appears five times in this passage. Five is the number of grace. Perhaps this division of the waters indicates the Lord’s grace in some manner.

3 – Genesis 1:9-10 – It is here that the dry land appears as the waters are all gathered at one place. “Waters” appears two times in this passage, and may indicate the duality of water and land.

4 – Genesis 1:20-22 – In this fourth event life is created. There are three occurrences of “waters” which may indicate the involvement of the Trinity in the creation of life.

5 – Genesis 6:8-22 – The word “waters” does not re-appear until the Lord reveals to Noah that He is going to destroy the world by flood. This is the fifth grouping and perhaps is indicative of the grace that Noah found in the eyes of the Lord. “Waters” appears only once in this passage and again indicates the One Sovereign God who determined the fate of the world.

6 – Genesis – 7:6-8:13 – This passage, which is the Flood account, is very interesting. It is the sixth event including the word mayim, or “waters.” Six is the number of man. Man was created on the sixth day. In addition, “waters” appears eighteen times in this section and the events that occur in this grouping are clearly divided into three sets of six. In this account of the first destruction of the world, we have a parallel with the second destruction as described in the Revelation. We are all familiar with the number 6-6-6. The Flood was the result of rebellion against God. The final destruction of the world is also the result of rebellion.

7 – Genesis 9:6-17 – The final passage containing the word “waters” regards the covenant the Lord made with Noah. “Waters” appears two times and may signify the covenant made between the two parties, God and Noah as the representative of mankind.

The seven groupings of the word mayim, or “waters,” clearly show seven events in the early history of the world. They also form a Menorah Design, and the fourth event fits the definition of the “Servant Lamp.” (Please see )

These seven groups show us much more, which will be revealed in following lessons.

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