Where We Are in Prophecy

Back in 1988 a Christian Brother, sensing that the Day of the Lord was near, wrote a pamphlet entitled 88 Reasons the Lord will come in 1988. I will not make the same mistake, even though I, too, sense the Day of the Lord is near. But there are many reasons to believe it is so.

In 1947 the United Nations issued a resolution creating the State of Israel. This land had been known as Palestine since the Romans deported the Jews from Israel in 135 A.D., and named the land for their enemies, the Philistines. It is unknown in history for a people to return to their native land after eighteen centuries. The fig tree is sometimes a symbol for Israel. Jesus told us that the generation that sees the fig tree bloom again, would see the End. (Matthew 24:32-34)

There are prophecies that simply could not have been fulfilled until recent times. In the Revelation 11:7-10, it is prophesied that the Two Witnesses would be killed by the Beast and every people, tribe, language and nation will gaze upon their bodies and celebrate! That would have been impossible until the recent invention of satellite television.

Of course, we have all heard of methods by which we can be individually marked and our financial transactions controlled. This is the “Mark of the Beast.” Recently the nation of India registered all of its 1.15 billion citizens. Many of these people do not have electricity, but they are registered with the government. The point is that the computer power to achieve this was not available until recent years. It would have been impractical, if not impossible, even in the early Twentieth Century.

The Lord has made it abundantly clear that He opposes hybridization. (Leviticus 19:19) Early in the Bible, the “Sons of God,” or angels, saw beautiful human women and, because of their power, took any that they chose as wives. (Genesis 6:2) The hybrid progeny of these “marriages” were the Nephilim, or giants. The evil actions of these powerful hybrid beings caused the Lord to grieve that He had made mankind. The Great Flood was the result.

The Lord Jesus said that “as it was in the day of Noah, so it will be at the Coming of the Son of Man.” (Matthew 24:37) Today, scientists are trying to perfect man by genetic modification. Our government and all the major nations of the world are spending millions and millions of dollars to create a super-soldier. The big “think tanks” say this will be the next arms race. Considering the geometric progress science has made in so many areas, it will not be long before there is a genetically modified man. The first time this happened, the Lord destroyed the earth by Flood. Will the second occurrence cause the Lord to destroy the earth again?

It is estimated that there have been over fifty million abortions performed in the United States since 1974. This criminal act is not limited to the United States, it is worldwide. Hundreds of millions of innocent babies have been aborted in recent years. Just as playing with a Ouija board or Tarot cards can unknowingly open doors to the occult, Brother L. A. Marzulli, an author who was once heavily involved in the occult and is now a Christian, fears that our world has opened many doors to great evil through the shedding of so much innocent blood. A just God cannot overlook this shedding of innocent blood. He cannot smile with favor on the United States, or the world.

I have not even mentioned the geopolitical situation of tiny Israel surrounded by Arab countries sworn to the elimination of the Jews.

Many Christians feel that the Day of Lord is near. Now is the time for prayer and revival. Pray for the unsaved. May seeds of salvation be sown, and souls be saved. Come, Lord Jesus!

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