Bodie and Brock Thoene have written a wonderful series of Christian novels based upon the struggles of the Israelites to return to the Land of Israel, and how the Lord is has functioned in this process. They sent the following email regarding the lunar eclipse of February 20th.

Please note that references to constellations are NOT astrology, but instead refer to the Plan of Salvation placed in the skies by the Lord. Not only is Satan a usurper, he is a counterfeiter. Astrology is a counterfeit of the Plan shown in the heavens. For further information please see my article “The Story in the Stars.”



Bodie and Brock Thoene

Facts to remember as you watch the total lunar eclipse tonight within the constellation of The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. (Leo) On the east coast of the U.S. earth’s dark shadow will touch the moon at 8:43pm; 5:43 in the west. Totality will be reached around 10pm EST; on the west coast it will occur at 7pm. From the first ‘bite’ out of the moon to when the last bit of darkness slides away will take close to 3.5 hours

1. Exactly two thousand and one years ago tonight (February 20, 7 A.D. was Purim-RT) the 12-year-old boy Jesus looked up into the sky above Nazareth on Purim and witnessed a total lunar eclipse within the constellation of The Virgin. He would have participated in the reading of the book of Esther (whose name means STAR) with the children of his village on that night. They would have remembered and celebrated the woman who saved all of Israel from destruction.

2. The Virgin (Virgo) representing the virgin of Isaiah 7:14, is the FIRST constellation on the ecliptic of 12 constellations. Two thousand and one years ago the eclipse was seen in the beginning of the cycle.

3. The Lion (Leo), representing the Messiah, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah of Revelation 5:5 is the LAST constellation on the ecliptic of 12 constellations. Tonight’s eclipse is seen in the end of the cycle.

4. When Jesus saw the eclipse, near the moon was the planet Shabbatai (Saturn) - Lord of the Sabbath. It was was in near conjunction with the star at the heart of the Virgin known as Porrima (The star of atonement).

5. Tonight you will see the moon within a few degrees of same planet Shabbatai (Saturn) Lord of the Sabbath but in close conjunction with the star Regulus (the King Star) which is in the paw of The Lion.

6. A lunar eclipse occurs when the shadow of the earth completely blocks the light of the sun from shining on the full moon. The diameter of the earth is about 8,000 miles wide. The diameter of the moon is about 2,000 miles wide. The earth’s shadow beams across 240,000 miles to perfectly cover the disk of the moon.

7. Tonight you are witnessing the miracle of God’s precision in creation. The moon’s orbit defines times and seasons. The gravity of the moon controls the tides. Since creation the moon has protected earth from destruction against meteors and asteroid strikes. As the moon darkens, you will see mountains and ridges and deep craters on the face of the moon. Those craters are proof that God placed the moon in orbit around the earth as a shield for our little planet.

8. The heavens declare the glory of God…Psalm 19:1

9. Look up! Lift your eyes to the heavens and know the day is coming!

10. Revelation 22:20 “He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.”

Read and proclaim these psalms out loud tonight:

Psalm 19

Psalm 24

Blessings in Jesus’ Name

Bodie and Brock

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