Watch What You Say

The words we say are far more important than we think. What we say to those about us and those we come into contact with can be a blessing or a curse. What we say to ourselves when we make a mistake can have a negative impact on ourselves. If you call yourself “stupid” long enough, you might just become stupid, or certainly think you are.

It is particularly important what we say to our children. Correction is permissible, but only speak positive statements to your children. May your statements always be a blessing.

There are at least two tragic stories in the Bible that illustrate the importance of the words we speak. On multiple occasions the Children of Israel complained that they had been brought out into the desert to die. Upon their lack of faith and rebellion at the report on the Promised Land by Joshua and Caleb, the Lord said, “Just as you have spoken in My hearing, so I will do to you.” And every one of the Children of Israel died in the wilderness over the next thirty-eight years. The only exceptions were faithful Joshua and Caleb.

Perhaps even sadder is the story of David and Bathsheba. You will remember that David took Bathsheba to his palace, and when she found she was pregnant David arranged for her husband to be killed in battle. The prophet Nathan told David a story of a rich man who took the only lamb belonging to a poor man. David was incensed and proclaimed that the rich man should repay with four lambs because he had no pity.

David’s words were turned back against him, because he was the “rich man” who stole the lamb of the “poor man” as described by Nathan. Here are the instances of David’s words applying to his life:
1) The baby born of David’s adulterous action died shortly after birth.
2) Tamar, one of David’s daughters, was raped by her half-brother Amnon. It appears that she lived in isolation and probably never married because of this violation.
3) Absalom killed Amnon because of his violation of Absalom’s sister, Tamar.
4) Absalom attempted to usurp David’s kingdom and was killed in battle.

David lost four of his lambs.

A fitting New Year’s Resolution would be to speak only positive things and to watch what we say, even to ourselves.

May your words always be positive and uplifting. May they always bring joy. If we do this, we will be much closer to fulfilling our roles as representatives of Jesus, also known as Christians. May His name be praised forever.

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