Worldwide Efforts

It is interesting that the reactions to the covid pandemic of almost every nation on earth were virtually identical. It is as if they were all reading from the same playbook. If you thought, as I did, that “Build Back Better” was a slogan from the current American administration, you would be wrong.

You can see from the montage above that Build Back Better is globally coordinated with covid and “green recovery.” From what I can see and read from the above, the United States, Great Britain, Canada, British Columbia, the Netherlands (Agrifood Supply Chain Advocacy Coalitie – with the Communist fist salute), Malawi (The National Smallholder Farmers' Association of Malawi), and Haiti (Strategies for Societal Renewal in Haiti) are represented, along with a couple of global “think tanks.”

The reason why I point this out is to show how close we are to a world under the leadership of one person or entity as prophesied long ago in the Word of God. Someone is coordinating this, and it does not appear to be the United Nations. Most indications are that the source is the World Economic Forum (WEF), a group of elitists that say they have our best interests at heart.

The WEF has a wonderful slogan – “You will own nothing and be happy!” (Look it up.)

The source does not matter. Of more importance is to recognize how far down the road to prophetic culmination we are. Please consider the following:

Another global indication is the account of the death of the Two Witnesses in the Revelation chapter eleven. When the Two Witnesses are killed by a demonic being from the Abyss, everyone on earth can see their bodies lying in the street in Jerusalem, and they will all celebrate! (Revelation 11:9-10) This worldwide viewing and celebration could not occur until satellite television and the worldwide web. The prophecy could not be fulfilled until recently.

The Day must be close. I, of course, do not know when, but it must be close.

The Lord is so patient, so long-suffering. Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Amen!

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