Born to Worship

There are several facets of mankind that are pre-programmed. We are programmed to live for eternity. That is why death upsets us so much. We are programmed to be cared for and live in a glorious home in the presence of the Lord. That is the reason for the universal practice of man to build as nice a house as he has funds for, and to have servants if he can afford them.

Mankind is also programmed to worship. All of mankind unanimously worships something.

The ancients worshipped the Sun, the Moon, stars, animals, whatever. Today primitive, unlearned people worship these same things. An interesting phenomenon is the “cargo cults” of the South Pacific. Beginning in World War Two, the people living on isolated islands in the South Pacific were given food and the essentials of life by airplane. As a result, some of the islanders made images of airplanes, using the materials they had on hand.

But what about sophisticated, educated people? What do they worship?

Look around you. Our culture worships careers, because they provide food and the essentials of life, and even more. Our society worships celebrities, whether they are actors, musicians, or athletes, because they entertain us and make us feel good. Our civilization worships the earth, because if we take good care of it, it will save us by providing food, water and oxygen.

We are pre-programmed to worship. This point was made by a Brother-in-Christ in the context of raising children. He was speaking of the importance to teaching our children to worship God, because they will naturally and innately worship something.

We are created to worship the Creator. In modern parlance, you could say that we are “hard-wired” to worship. I urge you to worship the Creator, not creation. The earth and trees will not save us, but He, the God of Creation, will save us. May His name be praised forever!

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