The Zeroah

The sacrificing of a lamb for Passover in the Temple has not been possible since 70 A.D. As a result when they celebrate, the Jews use a lamb shank as part of the Passover Seder to represent the lamb they are unable to sacrifice. In Hebrew, this bone from a lamb is the zeroah (Strong’s H2220). Even though it is normally translated “arm” or something similar, the Lord in His foreknowledge appears on certain occasions to have used this word in Scripture as a substitute to represent Jesus, the Lamb. So, the Jews today use zeroah to represent the lamb in the Passover celebration, and the Lord sometimes uses the word zeroah to represent the Lamb of God.

I have included some of the many verses including the word zeroah, in which it surely sounds like the Lord was referring to the Lord Jesus, the Lamb of God. A thousand years, or more, before the birth of Jesus, the Lord said that He, Jesus, would be the Redeemer:

The Lord Jesus plays a central role in the Last Days as noted below. He will rule the nations. By the way, His reward is His bride, the Church:
In the following verse, not only did the prophet speak of the Lamb, but included His name; Jeshua, or Jesus in Greek, which means “salvation.”
The entirety of chapter fifty-three of Isaiah is about Jesus, the Lamb. This chapter includes phrases like “He is despised and rejected of men,” “Surely he hath borne our griefs,” and “he was wounded for our transgressions,” Here, in the first verse, the Lord inserted the Lamb in a subtle manner by using the word zeroah:
If there was ever any question in your mind as to the subject of Isaiah 53, read it with the Lamb in mind. The Book of Isaiah has been there for the Jews to see the Lamb for 2,700 years. Sadly, they have been blinded, as noted by the Apostle Paul. (Romans 11:8) But, there will come a day when they will mourn Him whom they “pierced.” (Zechariah 12:10) May His wonderful name be praised always!

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